Android malware „HummingBad“ has infected millions of smartphones

G DATA Mobile Internet Security for Android protects against the malware.

13/07/2016 | Bochum 

“HummingBad”, a new type of Android malware, has, according to media reports, infected millions of smartphones and tablet worldwide during the past few days and weeks. The malware in question is highly lucrative for its makers – each month they can rake in up to 300.000 Euros in revenue. The makers of this malware work for an advertising company called “Yingmob” which is based out of China, say researchers of security firm Checkpoint. In the past the company has gained some notoriety for peddling an iOS malware dubbed “YiSpecter”. Users who have installed a G DATA solution on their mobile device are protected: the HummingBad malware is detected as "Android.Trojan.Iop.Y" or as "Android.Trojan.Agent.A".

In the case of HummingBad, an infected device is rooted automatically by a malicious app, i.e. the malware secures system permissions for itself, completely disabling the Android security framework.

More information about the malware and how to protect oneself can be found here.